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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adopt A US Soldier

Hey all...we are so excited the kids and I have have adopted a Soldier overseas.  We thought long and hard about it.  I researched several sites that aid and support our troops.  It only took about three days after I choose Adopt A US Soldier to get our Soldier address.  In this day and age we can e-mail each other, though at times they are unable to e-mail back.  But it is suggested that snail mail be sent as well and care packages.
This has been a great lesson for the kids on several levels.  First to be giving and compassionate and second we did a geography lesson on where he is now and where he is from in the United States.  They also have to learn how to keep secrets, though we can tell others we Adopted a soldier we cannot tell too much about him to keep him safe.
The Kids are having a fun time figuring out what to put in the box we are sending him.  We compiled a list from the Internet of people who have shipped or who have received care packages.  We hope he will feel the love and care we put into it.


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