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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cleaning a Waldorf Cloth Doll

I have had the honor of making my children's first dolls. Far from perfect but still well loved. In fact loved till they were dirty. After so much work going into them I was afraid of cleaning them. I had done spot cleaning, which led to a different type of stain. I searched and searched for what to do, but found nothing. So I took a chance and bathed them in a sink of water...I know very scary. But the results were excellent and I wanted to share.
Sammy and Alaska

Doll Bath
1. Fill Kitchen Sink about two inches deep with warm water (about the temperature you would bathe a baby in)
2. Add two Tablespoons of Prell Shampoo and swish water till bubbly.
3. Dip the dolls body parts in the water till very wet including face. (The dolls limbs felt heavy with water)
4. Gently squeeze doll over the sink (soapy bubbles will come out) dip again if needed. I also rubbed the very dirty hands but tried to maintain the dolls shape as I did so.
5. Wrapped the doll in a towel and continue to squeeze and rub gently on extra dirty spots. This is a good time to hand them over to there Mamas and Papas for some extra squeezing.
6. Lay them out in full sun all day long turning them half way through.

My dolls kept there shape and felt soft...there skin looked brand new. The wool inside didn't felt and kept its shape.