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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This was absolutely amazing! I had been interested in the boy king since I was a child. The first time I heard of him was through Steven Martins song "Funky Tut." Seeing my interest my Mother got me a book about him for my Birthday. In Junior High school my teacher Mr. Boyd had been to Egypt and expanded my knowledge even further. When in Collage I wrote a paper on the Boy Pharaoh and got the highest mark in the class. And now as a Mom I am able to introduce my children to Tuts story. The presentation of the artifacts made them even more breath taking. Alex really liked the toilet seat and all the Gold. Trinity was drooling over the jewelery. I just was so excited to finally get to see Egyptian artifacts in person that I cried. Of course my children understood...Alex patted my back while Trinity kissed my tears off my cheeks. In the gift shop, we found a King Tut ornament for our Christmas Tree to remind us. And laughed for hours about the King Tut tissue box where you pulled the tissue out of his nose.
Later on since I filled there minds with wonderful sights and knowledge I decided to fill there bodies with junk and we hit the Varsity. Where we filled our tummies with Chili Dogs, French Fries and Frozen Oranges. while chatting about all the wonderful things we saw.
We then headed over to Peachtree Street to get a look at Anubis and to get a quick hello from Dad. His building was right on the corner where the Giant statue stood Gard.
I wish I could have taken pictures but they were understandably not allowed.

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