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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aiken State Park South Carolina - Trailer Trash Tuesday

This was one of our all time favorite parks. Aiken State Park South Carolina. It was all on sand with pine needles in between the camp sights. The ranger was laid back and easy going and would drive you back and forth on the river for Canoeing.

But the best part was the lakes and all the tadpoles, frogs, snakes, butterflies and lizards. Every afternoon we would bike over to a hidden lake with our baskets full of sandwiches and lemonade.
The kids brought a mason jar to catch critters in then release them unharmed. I swear I need to write a book "101 uses for mason jars."



The fishing lake was daddy's favorite, this was the lake that had the tadpoles and snakes. So daddy fished, the kids caught critters and I sat on the bench and knitted...each one of us was in our idea of heaven.

The had a really neat hiking trail...most of it was boardwalk just right for Trinity.

This road went all they way around the campground it was a little over a mile and we kept going round and round it and never saw a vehicle. We have this on our "Must go back" list. This is not a campground for someone who needs a Walmart ten minutes away. But more for someone who wants to get away and enjoy nature.

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