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Monday, May 3, 2010

F.D. Roosevelt State Park Georgia - Trailer Trash Tuesday

Trailer Trash Tuesday
(Where Campground Gossip reigns supreme and I share our  camping adventure or miss-adventure)

My new favorite place! I know I say this every time, but at least I find the world a beautiful place..and isn't it really. And it may be close enough for Jeff to commute for a short while...don't let him fool you it is his new favorite place too. Ask him about all the fish he caught.

On arrival to the campground we needed to dump our black water (poo tank for those of you non-campers) And as you can see the kids were very interested...they look like two dogs with their heads out the window. OK don't tell them I said that...but its true...don't they?

Our first night the frogs were calling us. So we headed down to the lake with flash lights in hand. Alex had a blast, he caught frog after frog after frog.

Trinity would have liked it better had the frog jumped in her net and she didn't have to touch the goo.

The next day after we went to Calloway Gardens for an Easter Egg Hunt. Trinity and I cooled our feet off in the spillway while Alex....
...went after the frogs that got away. Go Alex GO! While Trinity scooped up fish in her net. She figured out a way to do this without having to touch anything. And brother came to the rescue of the poor fish she couldn't get out. Trinity wouldn't move off the rock for any amount of pleading from her brother. He swore he saw the biggest frog of his life and could get it if she would just move. She looks like a little frog sitting on her rock.
The Easter Bunny visited us leaving books, dragons, horses and "T's" The kids are sporting here. Along with a little candy and a whole lot of money.

The last day was spent catching tadpoles and turtles. The kids would scoop up at least a dozen tadpoles each time. This was just grand for Miss Trinity as she could catch as much as her big brother and never got a drop on her. Then they discovered the turtles waiting in the muck for a tadpole lunch. The very slippery turtles quickly blazed a trail back to the safety of the water so I didn't get a photo.

I got a much needed rest and reflection while the kids stayed busy along the banks. Lemonade in one hand, camera in the other I took in the beauty of the place, the peace of the moments and the joy of my children. Much change lies ahead for me and my little family we will be diving into a life we have just touch upon these last few years and I don't want any moment to slip away.
But more on that later. Enjoy.

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